QEhomes offers high end eco architectural & building solutions to suit all budgets. We focus on cutting edge architectural eco designs combined with eco building solutions so you receive a full package

QEhomes, Irish Ecological Archiect & Building Solutions

Our Product

Our aim is to offer high quality, stylish homes at competitive prices. We achieve this by ensuring all aspects of the building process work together to produce the best results possible. Some areas of our product are:

Complete Package:

We at QEhomes believe that building your dream home should be as easy as buying a new car; you call to the showroom, choose the model, add the additional features and get the total price.

By offering customised design services and construction as part of the same package the whole process is streamlined so you can control your budget from the beginning.

We aim to simplify the process of building a house and at the same time reduce wastage and costly processes; we can deliver our product in a more efficient manner so that you get quality stylish buildings for the most cost effective price. Read more here.

Passive House:

If you are thinking of building a new home then you have surly heard about "A Passive House"; and for good reason too. It is a methodical approach to building houses that ensures that they have the most efficient levels of insulation and are comfortable to live in. But "Passive House" has become a bit of a buzzword, so how do you know if you are getting the real benefits of this superior building standard. We at QEhomes understand the true fundamentals of building a passive house and apply these fundamentals to all our products. Click here to read more about the passive house standard.

QE foundation:

A good foundation is crucial to any new building, and a good foundation should sit firmly on the ground! Our foundation systems have been developed to provide strength to your new home, while ensuring that minimal heat is lost and allowing for various finishes and insulation types. Click here to read more about the QE foundation.

Sustainable Building:

The World is facing an unprecedented demand on resources which cannot be sustained for much longer. It is therefore imperative that everybody take their part in reducing their impact on the planet. We at QEhomes have solutions so that you can take your part in creating a more sustainable future for generations to come. rado replica sale Click here to read more about our sustainable building practices.

Cost Control:

Typically in the construction industry there is a lot of wastage of materials and labour which lead to increased costs or lower quality in buildings. rolex replica By streamlining the process, we at QEhomes are able to deliver higher quality buildings at competitive prices. From the outset of a project we give you an accurate cost for your build so you always are in control of your budget. Click here for more information about building costs.

Have Planning?

If you already have a design in mind or have already secured planning permission then send us your plans and will we assess them for the suitability of our superior build system.


Thinking of doing your own project management? panerai replica uk We can take the hard work out of managing your project. By providing you with our quality house kit, the shell of the house will be taken care of, making managing your own build easy. The important elements like structure and weathering are looked after by our team. This will leave you time to personalise your house in your own way.

Project Spotlight

This certified passive house (certified by the passiv haus institute in Germany) has only a wood pellet stove and solar panels to provide domestic hotwater and back up heat. The house comfort levels have also been rigorously tested, having been lived in through the cold winter of 2010/2011 with weeks of minus 15 degrees outside. The house has been designed using a contemporary style which has given the clients great freedom in how the house is arranged.

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